Royalty Spa Collection

"Creating natural skin care with a touch of elegance!"




  1. Why should I try your collection?

    So glad you asked! I've created all natural products with ingredients that you can understand on each and every label.  Having sensitive skin myself, I wanted to provide others with the same respect, to provide quality gentle products that would nourish and care for their skin.  I also create custom orders for those who have special skin care needs.  Although I use quality ingredients, and putting together new formulations can be time consuming - I still provide affordable prices for these royal products you will soon come to love and trust.

  2. How do you come up with your formulations?

    To best way to describe it is like this; just like baking a cake, noone can come up with that "signature taste" without first using the universal base recipe of flour, sugar, eggs, and water. And so it is with all my wonderful products, I have a foundation that I use and I have built from there.  I have a very unique way of mixing and batching every recipe, and none can be duplicated.  God has also blessed me with the knowledge and wisdom on how to make each product elegantly royal for my customers.  And to let you in on a little secret, my main ingredient is love, in which you will feel everytime you open up a jar or bottle to experience the 'touch of elegance' from our collection.

  3. Who is your inspiration?

    None other than Lisa Price, owner of 'Carol's Daughter" an exceptional beauty store and natural skincare products online.  It was my oldest sister that brought this to my attention when I first got started with this company. What really touched me about her story was Lisa wasn't an overnight success, it took some time to expand and grow her business.  Which reminds me, that no matter how difficult things may get, my business will be successful, as long as I keep it moving.

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  1. Why do you offer flat rate shipping?

    Flat rate shipping makes it simple and easy for the company as well as the consumer.  Many of our bottles, jars, and content within the jars weigh quite a bit.  So to prevent the hassel of being charged by how much your order may weigh, flat rate shipping provides the ease and comfort to placing an order with us.  If for any reason you would like to discuss your shipping costs, please email us with your concerns.  We will do our best to help solve any problems you may have.

  2. Why does it take 7-14 business days to recieve my order?

    Since the majority of my products are natural and handmade, I believe in delivering the royal best to each of my customers.  I make it top priority to make sure that everyone gets their orders fresh off the press! For example, our sugar body scrubs, foot scrubs, and foot soak - all have ingredients that work best when made a day or so before shipping, because they all have up to 3 months shelf life.  We also have a high demand of orders we ship out on a regular basis, this gives me a realistic deadline to make orders and ship them out to customers in a timely fashion. Yes by all means, I try my very best to get them out as soon as I can.  If for any reason something happens or comes up, you will always be notified by email - and for the inconvenience we will add a free sample gift to place a smile back on your face. Now that's quality customer service!

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  1. What should I try first from your line of products?

    We suggest you try one of our best sellers; sugar body scrubs, bath & body oils, or a bath sea salts.  Once you get your hands on any of these products, we guarantee that your skin will be begging you for more.  It's okay to take it slow, explore your options, and discover the possibilities with the Royalty Spa Collection.

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