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"Creating natural skin care with a touch of elegance!"


Quotes I love your 'Baby So Soft' Hand Lotion, I use it every single day, not just on my hands but all over my body. I use it on my grandson too - it's some very good lotion! This weekend I will be purchasing three more bottles, and I want to thank you Tracy for producing such a quality product. I am letting everyone know about the Royalty Spa Collection. Quotes
Renee Coates-Smith
"Thank you"

Quotes I am a proud fan of the Royalty Spa Collection. I love the fragrances of the oils and the feel of the product on my skin after a nice hot shower or bath. Also, the customer service was great. I live in Florida and my products arrived in a matter of days. I am very pleased with the firm and it's products. Quotes

Quotes I love both of your products the Ocean Paradise Bath Sea Salts felt really nice-left my skin soooo soft.The Lavender Vanilla Massage Oil left my skin so silky and smooth, and yes it did relax me and they both leave you smelling sooooo fresh!! I love them!! Quotes
Rae Ann Jaycox
"Smelling So Fresh"

Quotes I got my Spearmint Bath and Spearmint Body oils a few days ago... OMG!!! I loooove them! Quotes
Fredrika Cowley
"OMG...I Love Them!

Quotes Lord have mercy on my soul!!!!!! The "LAVENDER RAIN BUBBLE BATH" is what's up!!! I used it along with the "SOOTHING WATERS MILK BATH" and I indulged my skin with pure ROYALTY! Even after my bath, I "still" smelled the scent from the bubble bath on my skin!!! My bath experience was definitely a ROYAL one and I thank God... for giving you such a wonderful vision! Continue to keep him first Tracy & once again, I pray for INCREASE within this business! God bless you :-) Quotes
Shenina Brown
"Royal Bath Experience"

Quotes Hello Tracy! I haven't been by since I received my first order and I wanted to let you know that my daughter and I (both naturals) have been throughly enjoying your hair spritz! We both use it every morning in our hair routine and your generous 8oz bottle is going fast! I'll be ordering again very soon and look forward to trying your hair creme as well. So any naturals on the fence ... I LOVE IT! I'm also enjoying your body oils after my showers. NOW, I know you're known for your sugar scrubs and yes I ordered those too! But when I ever get a relaxing moment to use those I'll be back to rave! Much success, Candace Quotes
Candace Mumford
"Enjoying Your Hair Spritz!"

Quotes The products arrived and I have got to tell you that my husband has what he calls "working man's hands" and what I call rough! (smile) I talked him into letting me put some of that honey/vanilla scrub on His hands. The half has not yet been told (smile) His hands were sooo soft that I know we will be placing more orders to come. God bless you. Quotes
Cassandra Grant
"Working Man's Hands"

Quotes I love my products and was I totally surprised when they came in those wonderful glass jars. Way to go Mrs. Tracey! Oh and the Chocolate scrub smelled oh so good and your so right Mrs. Tracey it does taste good! Thanks again for great service and wonderful products! I will be definitely ordering again! Continue success and blessings in your business and ministry. Quotes
"Loving the Natural High"

Quotes Where oh where do I begin! First of all Tracy, the packaging was off the meter everything was in place for shipping jars, kudos to you! Now on to the products, I received the Berry Cherry and Spearmint Body Scrub. Lord have mercy on my living soul, when I say I have NEVER experienced scrubs such as yours I mean that. The gel consistency was on major point, the fragrance whoa! is all I can say. The ultimate test was using them in the bath as opposed to the shower. These are the FIRST scrubs that left my skin so silky smooth with just the right amount of oil and the scrub melted right in the water so I didn't have to sit in grit the rest of the time. I just enjoyed the spearmint experience. You have a customer in me for life, don't change a thing about your scrubs they are PERFECT! I will be back with my review on the massage oil with MYRRH, you better go head Tracy witcho' bad self! And for the milk bath and sea salt soak. Quotes
Kimberly Anne
"Customer For Life"

Quotes Tracy! Just wanted to let you know...Bailey's skin is healing! I had tears of joy this morning. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough. Your scrubs and bath oils are truly anointing. We are hooked! ALL NATURAL in 2010. We've been converted. Now can I get a gallon of the spearmint bath oil? LOL Well actually, I've been converted because I always use ALL NATURAL products on her. I now call my tub my sanctuary because I am so at peace when I put the spearmint oil in my water. Your bath oils are pure LUXURY! Quotes
Bridget Bridges
"My Sanctuary"

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